Q: How long will it take to get through Terror On Rural Street?
A: Terror on Rural Street will take you approximately 30 minutes to see the entire house if you are slow walker who likes to enjoy the haunted attraction to the fullest. If you are a scardiecat who likes to run it could take you 17 minutes.

Q: Can I bring children to Terror on Rural Street Haunted House?
A: Terror on Rural Street Haunted House is a scary experience and generally not recommended for children under 12. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.. Use your own discretion if you choose to allow your children to enter.

Q: What if my child gets scared after entering the house, may I exit and come back in after securing my child?
A: If you have an issue with fear with your little one, please let the worker in the room know the situation, we use words like “BOO” to let them know you need out. You can secure your child with other family members or some of our workers are children friendly and can watch them. NOTE: We are not a child sitting service.

Q: Can I take pictures in the house?
A: NO, Any and all photography is prohibited at all times on the grounds of Terror On Rural Street.

Q: Do you allow wheel chair’s?
A: We do not recommend wheel chairs, as our house has some rooms that will not fit them, but with the help of a security guard we can man you through the house. Notice:If you do come with a wheel chair, it cannot be a motorized wheel chair. Please bring a manual wheel chair.

Q: Do you have a heated waiting area?
A: Yes, we have a heated waiting area with benches, and a concession area.

Q: I wasn’t happy with your haunted house and I want my money back?
A: Our policy is NO REFUNDS

Q. Am I able to touch monsters? Will they touch me?
A: NO. You are not allowed to touch the monsters, and they will not touch you.